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    Soil Investigation

    Field Drilling

    We provide cost-effective, responsive and quality soil investigation works with A-frame and top-drive drilling rigs (with or without crawlers). Our experienced drilling personnel can provide drilling and coring in various ground environments and sample sizes. We have a full range of services, such as borehole sizes of 75 and 100 mm diameter, UD sampling, thin-wall sampling, piston sampling, Mazier sampling, rock coring of 52 and 65 mm diameter, standard penetration test (SPT), vane shear test, and permeability tests, etc .

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    Advanced In-situ Tests

    We provide all of the advanced in-situ tests: cone penetration test (CPT), pressuremeter test, packer test, optical and acoustic televiewer tests, hydrofracture test, Goodman jack test, and a SAC-SINGLAS accredited plate load test.

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    Geophysical Survey

    Geophysical surveys include ground-based physical sensing techniques used to detect the physical properties of the substrata and produce geological information. Techniques include ground penetration radar (GPR), parallel seismic surveys, P-S logging, 2D 3D reflection seismology, seismic refraction, electrical resistivity tomography, etc.

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    Marine Soil Investigation

    We have facilities for both nearshore and offshore investigation work. Our pontoon allowed us to conduct SI work in lake, river and intertidal zones. Our powerful crawler CPT allowed us to complete tests on an intertidal beach in just a couple of hours. Our high-torque drilling rigs with a jack-up barge gave AECOM Consultants and MPA officers a stunning impression of our speed and quality.

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    Plate Load Test

    The plate load test is used to determine the load capacity of soil and likely settlement under a given load. It basically requires digging the ground to a given depth of the foundation level, applying a load on a steel plate, and recording the soil response. Our plate test is SAC-SINGLAS accredited to the BS 1377 test standard.

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    Instrumentation and Monitoring

    Vibration and Noise

    Vibration induced by piling and demolition works affects structural integrity and must be monitored manually in real time, which is mandatory according to the BCA. Noise generated by construction activities during daytime and night affect the health of residents as noise pollution, and it is closely monitored by the NEA.

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    Ground and Structural Monitoring

    Extensive ground and structural monitoring is required for building and construction projects. Monitoring techniques such as ground settlement markers, utility settlement gauges, crack meters, tilt sensors, and tape extensometers are used for measurement of structural and ground deformation, movement and tilt, etc.

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    Borehole Type Instruments

    These are used to measure lateral and vertical underground soil movement, changes of underground water level and water pore pressure, compressive properties of soil layers, etc. Boreholes must be drilled in appropriate diameters in order to install instruments such vertical or horizontal inclinometers, water standpipes, piezometers, rod extensometers, and recharge or relief wells.

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    Real Time Monitoring for Excavation and Tunnel

    Singapore is a city-state with an extensive underground MRT network, and deep excavation activities are common for high rise buildings and infrastructure due to land scarcity. Real-time monitoring of tunnel movement, track alignment and tilt through the use of automated tunnel monitoring systems (ATMS) is significantly important for the safety and operation of the trains. Force and movement monitoring of deep excavations using strain gauges and load cells is the most essential tool for the safe construction and supervision of the civil engineering works.

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    Pile Instrumentation and Testing

    These tests on piles include the ultimate load test, PDA, PIT, cross hole sonic logging, etc. Our tests are SAC-SINGLAS accredited.

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    Structural Health Monitoring Using FOS

    Structural Health Monitoring Using FOS

    We supply and install structural health monitoring systems using various sensors, such as fibre optic sensors, corrosion sensors and thermal sensors, for structural integrity monitoring during the construction stage and full life span of the building and structures. The long-term SHM for 50 years and longer allows designers and developers to lower design and construction costs and enhance structure performance. SHM aids structure owners in reducing ownership cost and prolonging structure availability.

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    FRP Fibre Wrap

    FRP Fibre Wrap

    This uses carbon, glass or Kevlar Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) to wrap external surfaces of concrete or metal structures to strengthen the flexural and shear capacities for addition & alteration purposes, rectification of insufficient tolerance of constructed structures, addition & alteration projects, and blast protection purposes.

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