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O ver the years, FOSTA has seen its business grow very steadily. One of our secrets to this success is that we’re aware that our team is our main asset. For this reason, we highly value human relationships with our employees. As of today, the vast majority of our employees are growing within the company while enjoying working in a leading firm that offers them plenty of advantages and growth options. Join us!

Here are five reasons why you should join FOSTA:

  • We’re the leader in our Industry.
  • We’re constantly opening new sites.
  • We provide training to each member of our team.
  • We value a pleasant working atmosphere.
  • We offer plenty of internal growth opportunities.

If you’re just curious to see if there’s a role that could fit you or if you want to apply for an open vacancy you’ve seen on our website, don’t hesitate to drop us a message attaching your resume.

PS: If you’re concerned about sharing your details because you’re currently employed by another company from the same industry, please go ahead. We guarantee you the highest confidentiality!

Finance and Accounting

We are problem solvers at heart. We take our responsibilities very seriously but we…

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We make Airbnb work – and work well! We’re passionalte about supporting and developing…

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Responsibilities: Propose engineering documents for clients’ approval; on-site installation and hands-on monitoring of sensors, instruments and equipment; instruct, supervise, manage and monitor supervisors and technicians; data processing; review and analysis; submission of reports; planning and coordinating geotechnical instrumentation projects; attending project meetings; schedule control; submit permits for on-site installation; and setting up and commissioning of […]

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Responsibilities: Assisting instrumentation engineer in daily data entry, processing via software, report preparation and submission; documentation and filing of hardcopy records; preparation of daily, weekly and monthly data reports; proper maintenance of databases; computer backup; and coordinating among colleagues to ensure that data are available and to validate error data. Requirements: NITEC, O-level qualification or […]

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Responsibilities: On-site installation and monitoring of sensors, instruments and equipment; instruct, supervise, manage and monitor site teams; data processing, review and analysis; submission of reports; plan and coordinate geotechnical instrumentation projects; attend project meetings; time control; submit permits for on-site installation, setting up and commissioning of monitoring systems; supervise site soil investigation works; and write […]

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